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Hi, I’m Cabe Lindsay, and this is my online portfolio.

Here, you’ll find examples of my work along with my resume and references. If you’d like to connect with me about a project, I’m here to listen. You may reach me via email: or phone: (512) 230-1646.

In case you’re meeting me for the first time, here’s a quick introduction. I am a creative advertising specialist with 15 years experience in graphic design, web design, and videography, plus a formal education in this field. Currently, I am the production manager of a boutique video studio called ARISE. I am also a family man, married, with three kids.

Work Examples

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Boost Your Businesses.

Melissa Gail Klein is one of the Austin recording artists I’ve captured on camera here in the “Live Music Capital of the World,” We worked together in collaboration with Sally Sherwood, to produce a music video for her song, “My Golden Rule.” Music videos, documentary films, and live event coverage are three of the ways I work with musicians. A few of the noteworthy bands and musicians I’ve documented professionally include: Shakey Graves, a local sensation; and The Avett Brothers, an internationally-touring band. I’ve also worked with the world-famous Austin radio station 93.3 KGSR to record music showcases for the ACL and SXSW music festivals.

Sip A Local Secret.

Did you know that yaupon is the only native North American plant to contain caffeine? It’s the northern cousin of yerba maté, and it’s the answer to our nation’s reliance on imported coffee beans for our caffeine consumption. Interestingly, yaupon is native to Austin, Texas, and in fact it’s one of the most plentiful shrubs around. For these reasons, I am an advocate of wildharvested yaupon tea made locally, in Austin, Texas. Texana Tea is exactly this. For Texana, my roles included graphic design, web design, packaging, and video production, establishing this new brand of tea with a professional touch in order to enter our grocery stores and restaurants. One of my projects for Texana included the promo video: Sip A Local Secret, revealing a first look at the tea brand and its story. For this project, I worked with Jen Carnes, the logo illustrator; and Rachael Young, the entrepreneur.

Bring Hollywood To The Hill Country.

The Backyard is an exciting real estate breakthrough, featuring a creative campus and movie studios. This is a local haven for film and television production, billed as the largest and most technologically advanced center of its kind outside of Los Angeles. Promoting the launch of this project, I and my team built a cutting-edge video-rich website: Throughout multiple phases, I also managed email campaigns and interactive PDF flyers, leading these projects as the art director of the Austin ad agency, Watershed 5. Here, I worked with Steve Brothers, the creative director; and Chris Milam, the investor.

Bite The Moon.

Lua Brazil is a company that specializes in authentic Brazilian cheese bread, along with other food products. Lua Brazil sells pao de queijo in packages of a dozen, primarily, and I designed labels for the packaging. For this project, I worked with Christiano Prado, the company’s owner and operator.

Keep Austin Burgery.

Check out the website for Mighty Fine, and you’ll see a modern website that’s been up-and-running for five years. That’s about 100 in web years! 😉 This website is responsive, adjusting to fit any viewing screen, from desktop computers to mobile devices. The Mighty Fine restaurant grew “burger than ever” when I joined the team, as the art director of Watershed 5. Together, my team and I also launched many memorable projects, including videos displayed on the 20-foot jumbo screen at Texas Football® games. These video campaigns included animation, e.g. Smear The Burger, and motion graphics, e.g. Texas Hospitality. Additional integrated marketing campaigns included billboards, truckside signs, storefront displays, trading cards, a strategic marketing guide for social media, brand logo design, and a line of apparel. I brought a lot to the table!

Grow Together.

The Wild Family vlog (video blog website) extends the documentary feature film, Wild Family. The film is educational and entertaining, blending in-depth interviews with candid footage of 40 families in their natural settings, showcasing a broad range of parenting possibilities. The website continues the movie’s legacy, demonstrating the ways parents today are building relationships with their kids, bringing passion and presence into family life. For Wild Family, my roles included brand design and development, videography, photography, web design, and writing.

Rise And Shine.

ARISE is an Austin video studio specializing in “Local Media With A Global Reach.” This company is an essential service to the local economy in Austin, Texas, supporting the city’s brightest bands and brands with compelling storytelling and high-quality cinematography. Two of our outstanding successes include the Global Sisterhood Pledge video, quickly approaching a million Facebook views, and a fantastic series of music videos for the Honky Tonk rising star, Amanda Cevallos. Here, I work mainly in videography, with some additional work in creative marketing, where my roles include: web designer and developer, graphic designer, and art director. My primary responsibility is to oversee the start-to-finish production of our projects.

Return To The Trees.

Tolly Moseley is an Austin aerialist, working as an entertainer and instructor of aerial silk movement. Her video project is an example of our unique “Mini-Movies”. These are bite-sized offerings of our professional video service at ARISE. This type of video is described as an “intimate, impressionistic portrait,” ideal for documenting performances and everyday special occasions. They make brilliant keepsakes. My role with these movies is the start-to-finish process of video production.

Get Real With Real Estate.

RE/MAX 1 is one of the most respected teams for buying and selling houses in the hottest real estate market in Texas. I had the pleasure of working with RE/MAX to document the company’s expansion, holding in-depth interviews with award-winning agents. For this project, I worked with Molly McKenna, the Director of Opportunity, along with her exceptional team at RE/MAX 1.

Keep The Fun In Funds.

Fundbox is a technology company based in San Francisco. I worked with the company’s ‎Head Of Corporate Communications, Tim Donovan, to document Fundbox’ Austin Small Business Accelerator event. For this campaign, my responsibilities included video journalism, with event coverage and interviews, along with video editing.

Shine Online.

My early interest in web design helped me to work my way up to a marketing director position by age 25. In this role, with VLS Software, I built our corporate website of 200+ pages from scratch, complete with animated videos and a library of interactive tutorials. This website and other campaigns of my design enabled our fledgling software firm to rise as an outstanding player in the GIS industry, leading to a successful merger with the Fortune 500 company, Textron. My websites are high-quality and long-lasting, such as the ultra-clean healthcare website for Carle Spine Institute, unchanged after ten years! My recent websites are similarly prominent and profitable. I designed and developed the websites for local restaurants, e.g. Mighty Fine, ad agencies, e.g. i2i Group, and non-profits, e.g. AVANCE.

Bring Inner Beauty Out.

Biogen Stemceuticals is an exciting company in the healthcare industry, offering cutting-edge stem cell technology. The website is responsive and video-rich, displaying finesse in every impression of the brand and its products. For this project, I worked with Xakan Kukulcan and the marketing team, delivering a solid website on a budget to support the startup with its launch.

Stand Strong And Live Long.

The Carle Spine Institute website is one of the many outstanding websites I designed and developed 10 years ago, as an employee of the healthcare marketing firm, Prizm Development. This website is ultra-clean and highly professional, indicative of the service that can be expected at this world-renowned institute. In addition to the exceptional content we created for this website, the key quality indicator is its long duration online–this is a 10-year-old website! It is very rare to see a website with such long-term staying power.

Light Up The Candle Inside.

The Shine Summit event was a digital conference designed to inspire women to share their gifts in a supportive and fun way. Speakers included Rochelle Schieck, the founder of Qoya. For this project, I teamed up with Allyssa Johnson and Fabiola Bergi. My roles included brand design, website design, and marketing consulting.

Hey Mr., Listen To The Mrs.

The Mrs is an all-female rock band based in Austin, Texas. Their website is a good indicator of the band’s character: modern and sophisticated, with splashes of superb artistry, all presented in high quality. For this project, I worked with The Mrs’ marketing manager, Ellie Brett, along with band leader, Andra Liemandt. My chief responsibility was the design, development, and content management for the website.

Get Far With A Guitar.

Louis Ontko is a musician and instructor in the Austin area. I supported him as a marketing consultant, web designer, photographer, and video producer, working to promote his services with a great website. His digital marketing package is reminiscent of another nice package I delivered a few years ago, for Dave Francis, founder of Guitarborist. Guitarborist is a music school in Missoula, Montana. Similar to Louis Ontko’s promotional package, I had the pleasure of designing and developing the Guitarborist website, along with the brand logo and brand emblem for business cards, plus a separate brand illustration for T-shirts.

Span The Globe With Local Videos.

Take a look at any family-focused Wedding, Concert, or Film I’ve recorded, and you’ll see that my video reel is rich in artistry and emotional appeal. I specialize in stories that strum the heartstrings. Here, you’ll see a range of videos that uplift and inspire, from intimate wedding videos to informative educational videos. You’ll see talent in every element, from the camera work to the video editing. My experience in movie-making includes short films and full-length features, with a specialty in documentary portraits. Corporate videos under my direction include movies for the purposes of communication, education, and promotion.

Capture The Claim To Fame.

Austin promotes itself as “The Live Music Capital Of The World,” and so every person with a media pass shares the responsibility of continuing this legacy. For this purpose, I worked with the world-famous Austin radio station 93.3 KGSR to showcase world-class live music at the ACL Music Festival. As you know, the Austin City Limits music events are epic, drawing in hundreds of the brightest bands each year for music festivals and television programs. An example of my work is 93.3 KGSR Radio’s Austin City Limits Music Festival Morning Showcase, an event highlights video. For this project, I worked primarily with KGSR brand manager, Haley Jones. Specifically, I was responsible for dual-camera coverage of on-air live music performances by Shakey Graves, Moon Taxi, Glass Animals, Houndmouth, Wild Child… and then I quickly produced videos for KGSR to run with.

Record The Glory Of The Story.

KGSR also commissioned me to document music events for multiple SXSW festivals. An example of this work is the SXSW Live Broadcast At The W Hotel, featuring The Avett Brothers, BØRNS, X Ambassadors, Jake Bugg… quickly producing a video to share the story.

Pledge Allegiance To The World.

I directed and produced a massively successful marketing video called Global Sisterhood Pledge, recording 40 people speaking in unison to improve the quality of relationships among women. For this project, I worked with Patrick Cronfli, founder of, and Lauren Walsh, director of the Global Sisterhood organization.

Stand In Solidarity.

The Standing Rock Movement was a historic gathering of 200 tribes throughout the Americas, who drew together to protect the Missouri River, as a symbol for all the world’s clean waters. I supported the International Indigenous Youth Council, who called for documentarians worldwide to extend their camera services to North Dakota, providing photo and video journalism in support of the movement. Feeling called to serve my country, I made the journey and created a documentary called Standing In Solidarity With The Standing Rock Sioux. Here is the Film Preview.

Rock On!

Sabbath Assembly is a heavy metal band with six rock-solid albums. I and my videography team worked with Dave Nuss, Jamie Myers, and the rest of the band to produce a documentary short film in support of their sixth album: Rites Of Passage.

Making Moves Through Honkey Tonk.

Country music’s emerging star, Amanda Cevallos, worked with me to produce five music videos. Each of these videos is highly collaborative and cutting-edge, joining the forces of Amanda and I for story development while allowing inspiration to arrive on-the-fly, like improvisational poetry. See Freddy Ain’t Ready, filmed in Austin at Lucy’s Fried Chicken, and Ready For The Times. Outside of commercial music videos like these, I am broadly experienced in documentary short films, including rock shows, classical music recitals, unplugged acoustics sets by singer-songwriters, and other live concert performances, along with stage plays, comedy shows, and more.

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Resume and References

Key Strengths

As a media production manager, I oversee projects from beginning to end. My management work balances creativity with logic, blending humor and surprise with good common sense. In this way, I and my teams develop big ideas. My strengths include charisma, passion, and leadership skills, with the ability to teach others and lead by example. 

Professional Experience

Media Production Manager – ARISE Video Studio | Austin, TX | 6/14-Present

I am the chief project manager and digital media producer of a boutique media studio. I work mainly in videography, where my roles include: camera operator, director, writer, strategist, and video editor. I also work in creative marketing, where my roles include: web designer and developer, graphic designer, and art director. My primary responsibility is to oversee the start-to-finish production of our projects.

Art Director – Watershed 5, i2i Group & Ahstin® | Austin, TX | 8/07-4/14

I produced outstanding ad campaigns for local and international brands. Clients included: (1) Schools, e.g. University of Texas; (2) Local Businesses, e.g. Multimedia Games; (3) Global Tech Firms, e.g. CA Technologies; and (4) Non-Profits, e.g. American Heart Association. My work included corporate video production, brand design, graphic design, web design, email campaigns, social media campaigns, and more.

Web & Graphic Designer – Prizm Development | Dallas, TX | 8/07-8/08

I led and launched over 20 large-scale websites and online campaigns within one year, primarily for the healthcare industry. Some of these websites still stand strong today, ten years later, e.g. Carle Spine Institute. Outside of our healthcare focus, my work included email marketing and business development packages for companies in childcare and hospitality.

Marketing Director – Visual Learning Systems | Missoula, MT | 1/05-5/07

I developed corporate brand campaigns to establish this software firm as a leader in the GIS industry. I was a key player in the company’s growth, managing our 200+ page website and building a library of interactive tutorials, along with animated videos, press releases, presentations, trade show signs, merchandise designs, and product packaging.

Formal Education

Master of Arts – University of Texas | Austin, TX | 9/09-5/11

MA in Advertising, focusing on art direction, copywriting, and digital media production.

Bachelor of Arts – Michigan State University | East Lansing, MI | 9/98-5/02

BA in Advertising, attending as a full-ride scholarship recipient and graduating with honors.

Downloadable Resume & References

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Beautiful artistic devotion to every frame.

Family Wild fireside interview with Sarah Francis and Dave Francis in Missoula, MontanaCabe is a tremendous business person in many facets. He has helped me in countless ways to present a digital and physical presence for my business. I feel like my association with him has put me three steps ahead of my competitors and I’m glad to also be able to call him a treasured friend. He is the first person I would recommend to anyone in need of media services. Working with the Wild Family team is truly a treat. They are punctual, professional, and very relaxing to be around. The skill that they bring to all aspects of media really makes this a one stop shop for your needs. Great cinematography, and a beautiful artistic devotion to every frame. The great attitude shown by the staff is just the icing on the cake!

—Dave F., Missoula, Montana

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Pure joy!

Wild Family interview with the Hunter-Thaim family in Austin, TexasWe had the extreme pleasure of working with Wild Family Studio on their Wild Family documentary just last week and it was pure joy! Not only was it a dreamy experience, the professionalism of this crew is flawless. Never in my life have I seen a turn around like this. The first edit of our video was sent to us to view less than a week later! Ahmazing! AND it is so beautifully done. We feel so blessed and fortunate to have a snippet of our lives captured in such a beautiful and creative way and have even scheduled a family video shoot as a gift for the grandparents. Can’t wait! This is a truly inspirational family who is fearlessly following their passions…they will delight and inspire you without a doubt.

—Robin H., Austin, Texas

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Exactly what I wanted!

Wild Family Wedding VideoThe video he delivered (in just 1 week!!) went above and beyond my expectations for a ‘perfect’ video. He was also very understanding and flexible as he worked with our budget for the videography. Cabe delivered a high-quality 8-min video of all the highlights of our wedding reception. Our reception had a LOT going on. The highlights video covered everything starting with the dress-up scenes, the outdoor cocktail hour, choreographed dances, singing and speeches by the guests, the father-daughter dance, cake cutting, the bride and groom’s first dance, and footage from everyone on the dance floor at the end of the night. Not a single detail was missed! I picked the songs to be used in the highlights video. In addition to the highlights video, Cabe provided us with all of the raw footage of the event, which are also super high quality. I’m so glad we can go back and view all the amazing dances and speeches we had that night. Guests that couldn’t make it to the event really enjoyed watching the video and all of them said they actually felt like they were there. That’s exactly what I wanted! We feel so lucky we found Cabe from Wild Family Studio to film our reception. It was such a special evening for us and the beautiful video will help us remember the evening forever.
—Sang N., Austin, Texas

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The videos themselves are stunning!

Family Wild interview with Kat Lindsay, Joe Vertenten, Maddy Vertenten, and Ella Vertenten in Freeport, MaineThe experience of talking and playing and sitting for their interview was lovely… but the videos themselves are stunning! My life is beautiful and I know this, though I sometimes forget. And so, seeing our family and our home through the lens of Kat & Cabe’s thoughtful perspective ~ I am in love with all that we have again. What a delight, to work with beautiful people who evoke all that is wise and wonderful in our collective experience!

—Maddy B., Freeport, Maine

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Fantastic memory now with us forever on video.

Wild Family—Interview with Kiki Yardeni and Kate Lindsay in Dallas, TexasThe Lindsays made me feel at ease in filming. They gave me all the info I needed to prepare. They came to my house with all things needed for a documentary ready to go. And that’s not easy to do given they have a 5 yr old, a toddler, and mom who’s entering into her third trimester! And they filmed in the most natural way. Most of the time, I didn’t even notice the camera was on. The film piece I just saw was so great! It was much more than I expected. Cabe did such a great job catching awesome moments. The lighting and color were amazing. Kat’s interview style had me feeling relaxed. My favorite footage was bike cam on my son’s tricycle. : ) The way he captured us in action, along with dialogue and even stopping to notice the little relics around our house made for the most memorable video of our family and where we are in our lives now. Fantastic memory now with us forever on video. Thank you!!!!

—Kiki Y., Dallas, Texas

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